Wellness cottage Kaštánek is located 800 meters from the touristic centre of Kvilda on the right bank of the river Vltava at the exit of Borová Lada. It is perfect location for cyclists, skiers and cross-country skiers. The cottage is surrounded by mild hills and meadows so you can fully enjoy the nature of Šumava mountains.

The closest surroundings

The accommodation in the Kaštánek is located in the distance of 800m from the touristic center where the touristic information centre is located as well as bus stops, the church, grocery store and also several shops with sports equipment. The Kaštánek Cottage is located 50m from the right bank of the Warm Vltava and 400m from the ski run. 

Practical information and recommendations


    Restaurant in Kvilda

    Šumava Inn, Hotel Kvilda -Hotel Pohoda, Pivovar Kvilda

  • Cottage close to the ski run (5 minutes walking distance)

    You can walk to the ski area Kvilda with three tows and three ski runs, which are suitable for families with children in 5 minutes. If you are advanced skier, we recommend you to go to Zadov located in a distance of 15 km. Also, you can go to Austria to Mitterdorf (40km) or Hochficht (80 km). Other possibilities in Czechia are in Špičák (55km), Velký Javor (65 km).


    The ski rental Kvilda (5 minutes walking distance) and Zadov (20 minutes by car)

    Set your equipment and go for cross-country skiing. Kvilda offers a huge amount of cross-country pathson which you can get to the spring river Vltava, Horská Kvilda and more. In the SKI areal Kvilda you can rent not only ski but also a helmet for your child.


    Grocery store (5 minutes walking distance)

    You can find a sports equipment store on every corner but there is just one grocery store in Kvilda. If you are coming by car, make a bigger grocery shopping in the close town Vimperk.

The Kvilda surrounding

Touristic paths, ski paths, bicycle paths, nature trails, ski run… Choose a trip according to a season, weather and your mood.

Tips for activities in Kvilda and surrounding